Adventures Of Chimp – Part 1

Chimp was a young Bengali girl who had earned the nickname of chimp because of her love of animals and specially chimps. Chimps mother and father were both killed in a house fire, chimp went to live with her granddad and grandmother but shortly after going to live with her grandparents chimps granddad died after suffering a heart attack, no other family members would look after chimp because they said she was a bad omen and processed by the devil, the family shunned chimp and the rest of the Bengali community also shunned her and she was left to fend for herself, Chimp was able to stow away on a boat and arrived in England where again she was shunned by the Bengali community. As time chimp got better at looking after self but still nobody from the Bengali community wanted anything to do with her. It was a late afternoon and chimp was sitting in the park when she saw sixteen year old Abdul the son a local councillor and preacher enter the park and go into the wooded area that made up part of the park. Chimp got up from the park bench she was sitting on and headed towards the wooded area to see what Abdul was doing. Chimp went into the wooded area and saw Abdul who was two years older than what she was stood by a tree, as chimp got closer she got a surprise Abdul was stood with his trouser wide open his dick on full view and it was erect standing up in the air at about seven inches just like a mini flagpole, chimp went behind a tree hoping that Abdul would not see her, chimp watched and smiled as Abdul started to stroke his erect dick, chimp watched in awe as the older boy stroked away on his dick, after five minutes Abdul’s knees buckled and he squirted his cum in four long spurts, chimp smiled broadly as she saw the cum fly from Abduls dick, she went out from behind the tree that she was hiding behind, Abdul saw chimp and turned his back on her, chimp said ” to late I been there awhile and saw what you were doing you had a wank and I saw your spunk” Abdul looked at chimp and said to her ” what you want” chimp told him twenty pound or I tell your dad, Abdul knew she would and gave her twenty pound, Chimp walked off smiling as she thought got twenty pound and watched a boy wank off.