Dawn was well fed up she had been the school gates waiting for Mark her twelve year old brother and take  him home, after waiting for over a hour July was told by one of the school teachers that her mum had already collected her brother and took him home, Dawn started heading for home thinking to herself what a way to spend my sixteenth birthday. Dawn decided to take a short cut through the church yard and over the waste ground, it was just starting to get dark when Dawn entered the church yard and as she was part way through it she heard chanting and saw the glow of a fire, Dawn moved towards the fire and the chanting as she got a bit closer she saw a group of people all dressed in black robes that had hoods, July stopped where she was and watched what was going on, one of the group stood forward and removed the gown letting it drop to the floor Dawn saw it was a man and that he was naked, another gown was dropped, Dawn smiled when she saw it was Simon one of her class mates he was also naked Dawn looked straight at his six inch dick Dawn watched as more gowns were lowered and soon Dawn was looking at six naked boys all of who she knew, one was Mark’s class mate Tony, the chanting continued with the group dancing around in a circle as they danced, Dawn realised that she was watching some sort of back magic ritual, the dancing stopped then another gown fell to the ground, Dawn saw it was her best mate Cindy who was now standing naked other gowns were removed and girls from her school were now standing naked in front of the boys all of who now had full solid erections, Dawn looked at Simon saw his eight inch erection and also noticed that Tony had a five inch smooth hairless erection, Dawn watched as the group all danced and chanted, suddenly the chanting stopped and the group stood in silence then after a few minutes they started to clap slowly and Cindy moved forward and lay on the ground Simon moved forward and stood at Cindy’s feet the group started to hum, then to her surprise Simon started to jerk his dick while the group hummed Dawn watched in awe as Simon jerked and her squirted his cum over Cindy’s body Dawn gasped but watched as each of the youths jerked off squirting their cum over Cindy, Tony was the only one not to jerk, after the last boy had jerked off the girls all knelt beside Cindy and started rubbing the cum into her body then after five minutes stood back in the circle, the humming stopped Tony moved forward the group started to chant, Cindy parted her legs and Dawn watched in utter astonishment as Tony went down inserted his erect dick into Cindy’s love tube and start to hump away, after five minutes Tony stood up straight the group went quiet Dawn heard a voice speak in a weird language she then  saw reflections of blue flashing lights and saw the group run off in different directions, Dawn then heard the sound from police radios and quickly ran off out of the church yard and over the waste ground making a mental note to herself to speak with Cindy about joining the group.