My Sexy Teacher

All the following events were real and I was a 14 years old freshman in High School when this all happened. My name is Colin, and this is the story of the time I fucked my teacher.

I woke up one morning and went to school, I had all my classes except my last period. In that period the teacher was hot as fuck. She was blonde white fit and just all out sexy. She had a big ass, a huge ass it was so sexy, and her boobs were a nice size very round and ball like.

She wore tight dress in which you can see her ass pop out and can see the outline of her nipples, they were hard and skinny.

She teaches algebra and I won’t say her name for privacy reasons but we will just call her Mrs. Erica.

Mrs. Erica was teaching class and was handing out the homework. She dropped the paper next to my desk and bent over so get it. When she bent over she layed down her ass on my desk and the skirt went up and you could see the ass, she was wearing nothing under the skirt. She picked up the paper and put it on my desk. When class was dismissed we went home because it was the period of the day. She stood at the door as everyone left and just when I was about to leave he grabbed me by the shoulder and said I need to talk to you.

So I stayed in class and she said, “You failed your test that you took yesterday, I just want you to know that I’ll let you redo it if you want, but it has to be right here right now.” I accepted the offer and started to redo it. While I was doing the quiz she was grading papers.

In the middle of it she said, “It’s pretty hot in here.” And unbuttoned 2 holes of her shirt. It was buttoned all the way before. She sat back down at her seat and kept on grading. She asked me, “Don’t you think it’s really hot.” I said, “Yea I’m burning.” She unbuttoned another hole which left on one button still in and her boobs almost hanging out, also you could tell she had no bra on.

She dropped her pen and went to go pick it up, while she bent down you could see her boobs up to her nipple. I was getting hard and had sweatpants on.

When I was done I handed it to her and she took it, crumbled it up and went up to lock the door and close the windows. When she did that she said, “Look let’s forget about this test, I’ll give you an A on it as long as you do something for me.” I looked at her sexy green eyes and could tell she is looking at my cock which you could see through my pants. I said back, “What is it that you want to do.” She said, “You know what.” And then unbuttoned her last button. She walked toward me and started to rub my back. I remembered she had nothing under her skirt so I took two of my finger and put them in my mouth, and pulled them out with my saliva and started to rub her pussy.

She said, “There you go, you get it.” Then she layed on of my desk, spread her legs, and said, “Lick it you little fucker.” So I licked her pussy and while I was doing it I took off my pants and her skirt. I started to finger and lick her pussy and she said, “That’s enough, now do whatever you want to me.”

So I took of her shirt and it showed her boobs. They were the size of two balloons and they were big. With her nipples hard I squeezed them and sucked on them.

Then I told her to sit on the desk and I got my cock and put it in front of her face. She said, “Should I suck it.” I said, “No stroke it and let me cum all over your face and boobs.”

So she grabbed it with two hands and started to stroke it and licked my tip. I told her, “I am about to cum.” So she opened up her mouth as I cummed in it and she swallowed it, some got on her forehead and her boobs. I layed on a desk with my cock facing up, and told her, “Bitch out your fucking pussy on my cock.” With no condom she rode my cock and her balloon boobs bounced as she did it. She was moaning and crying.

I started to moan, “Fuck yea Mrs. Erica ride my cock go go go ride that cock Mrs. Erica you fucking bitch.” Because of how good it felt. I told her, “Get off I’m about to cum.” She said back, “No cum in my pussy.” And I did and it felt amazing.

After that I went home. And the next day when we had school she wanted to do it again. And I did. We still do it to this day.