Tony is standing in her balcony while looking towards main gate of apartment. I moved out of my home with my sister Nina for bus stop to catch bus for college. Looking back towards my apartment, I can see Tony in her balcony. She is smiling while signalling me some thing and I am not understanding her mute language. We reached bus stop and Nina boarded her school bus. I took out mobile phone from my pocket and called Tony on her cell…….. “Hi aunty

(Tony) Hi Garry asking you to come back in my flat, hubby is out for office and mother in law left to her ancestral home, when will you ? ” And in midway conversation I disrupted our conversation..

I walked back towards apartment and moved fastly to her flat. I knocked the door and Tony opened it with smile on face……. “Oohh Garry come in….. “. I moved inside and after locking the door, she came to me and hold me in her arms tightly. She is in traditional dress of saree as well as blouse, now my hand is moving on her back and she is kissing my face to neck. My both palms are moving on her bum and upper parts, her breast is pressing on my chest. Lastly she pushed me and I fell on sofa, looking at me Tony pulled her saree down from her chest portion and she is removing her saree from her waist. Now standing in a sleeveless deep necked blouse and peticote, her semi nude hot body is making me hot and she is standing like a whore. I stand in front of Tony and put my palms on her breasts to massage it hardly while she is removing my clothes. Now I am in my brief only while I turned her back and my palms have grabbed her breasts to press it hard. Now my lips are on her neck and I opened her strings of blouse, removed her peticote and lastly a black 32C size brassier to make her nude..

Tony is standing on ground and her one leg is on table, now I knelt down and my lips are kissing her labias as well as thighs. My hand is on her bum to give massage while my lips are kissing her vagina, after a while Tony put her fingers on her cunt and my tongue started fucking her glory hole. She has hold my hairs and I am licking her cunt with my 1/2 of tongue moving inside. She is screaming in pleasure and my mouth has got her vagina to suck. After a while, I left her cunt and Tony took no time to pull my undies down to make me nude. I am standing while aunt is sitting on ground, she hold my penis and her lips are loving my erected penis. She is rubbing the glans on her face as well as lips, putting it near nose Tony smelt it and looking at me she pushed my cock in her mouth to suck. Like a matured lady she is sucking my penis fastly and I am feeling the heat. After a while her tongue is moving on it to lick its saliva, she is sucking my dick again and her face is moving fast. After 5 minutes of suck, she left my penis and moved to washroom..

TONY came back while wearing a bath towel from her chest. Now i. Stand behind her and she bends herself to give me position to fuck her. Now I pushed my long cock in her vagina and looking back, she pushed her round dome shaped ass back and we both are in fuck session. My penis is moving inside in a speed while my hand has grabbed her one breasts to press it hard. Aunt is swinging her ass fastly and screamed louder…….. “Oohhh uummm aaahj Garry fuck me hard, it will rain inside…… ” And my penis got the feel of vaginal juice. I took out my penis and now sits behind her bum while licking her glory hole, she is smiling back at me and after a while, she stands in front of me with her one leg on chair, her vaginal parts are visible and Tony hold my long cock in her palm, pushed inside cunt and I fucked her from front in a speed with power. Now we both are standing on ground and I am fucking her from below while she is moving her ass up and down to enjoy my prick in her cunt. After 10 minutes of deep penetration our sexual organs have become hot and ready to explode. So we both are holding each other tightly and her soft breasts are pressing on my chest, I shouted…… “Oohhh Tony have it my darling aahh its raining.. M. M…. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina and she tasted my cum. After rest I walked away from her home.


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