My British friend – part 2

She said okay so I phoned my boss took the day off so we had some more whisky, when we were about to start foreplay her parents came, she don’t mind it but there was a knock on the door, I was frightened, she said not to worry it was her sister. Seeing me she teased us what’s going on, you better share him with me. Are you ready to lose your cherry, yes she says to her elder sister and the elder says then you Will have him next Sunday all for yourself today he is mine. Promised that she went to her room and we started our game of suck lick kiss all that is in kamasutra and fuck book of India and Britain. After one hour of foreplay we are getting ready for the main part of love making, yes enter the dick in cunt but she says she wants her ass fucked first then night time we will fuck pussy. Ok if it’s what she wants it’s ok by me, so I ass fucked her and at the same time massaged her pussy then finger fucked her pussy, she cumed and was shouting ooohhh aaammm cccuummmmiiiinnngggg. I also emptied my load in her ass then we slept until 6PM. Then she took me to her parents and introduced me to them saying I am her friend near office is a cook and a good paratha maker. They ask me if I can make paratha at their house, I promised to do next Sunday, then made nice dinner and we all had dinner together then they returned to their rooms.
Now we are at her room, we became naked, I started playing with her boobs sucking her nipples, her nipples are big and hard with big areolas, then I widened her legs and bent from knees opened her pussy lips, while licking from ass hole to pussy I started to pinch her clitoris, she cum so much that I got a handful of sticky cum, we both licked my Palm clean then we held each other tight and French kissed her so long sucking each other’s tounge. Then after one hour I entered my Indian cock into her British pussy, she was very real sexy girl she gave all her body and mind to the task at hand. Yes we got both cumed together after about 30 minutes, I sprayed my juice in her pussy, I told her this is the first-time I ever got near to an European pussy. She said it’s the first-time she shared bed with a Indian man. And did you like it I asked her, she said she loved it, then we slept early morning at 5AM, we had one more fuck then she dropped me at my place and promised to come to take me to her sister next Sunday.

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