The Fight

It was late 16 year old Cindy was walking home after missing the last bus back to the village where she lived. Cindy had only lived in the village a couple of weeks but had already made lots of enemies due to her openness about being a lesbian. Cindy decided to take a short cut through the park which would bring her out on the out skirts of the village. Part way through the park she saw Amy the local bully who was the same age as she was. Amy started to give the normal verbal abuse to Cindy, Cindy was tired after the long walk and not in a good mood so reacted to the abuse by giving Amy the two finger salute and closely followed it up by giving the wanker sign as she walked on by, after a few more steps Cindy heard foot steps behind her turned her head and saw Amy behind her swinging her hand in the direction of her face, the slap landed square on her cheek knocking her slightly side ways Cindy recovered thinking enough is enough and reached out grabbing Amy’s hair pulled her head forward and slapped her hard and with out letting go of her hair landed a few more slaps to the very surprised Amy, Amy was a known trouble maker with a reputation as a fighter but now she was struggling and feeling the force of the slaps and punches being delivered by Cindy. Cindy was using tactics taught to her by various members of her family who were in the military, Cindy delivered a few more slaps and punches to Amy’s head before grabbing her hair in both hands and pulling down hard causing Amy to fall forward onto the ground. Amy knew she was beat and lay still, Cindy sat astride Amy’s stomach hit her once more and told her to back off leave her alone or she would get another beating. Cindy then grabbed Amy’s boobs through her jumper saying ” are these real or is it padding” and slid her hands under Amy’s jumper and slid them right up and found Amy’s naked boobs, Cindy said ” they feel real ” and started to gently rub them pinching the nipples at the same time then pulled her hands out and lifted Amy’s jumper right up exposing the boobs that most boys at school wanted to get hold off. Cindy started to kiss and lick Amy’s nipples feeling them stiffen as she did, Amy lay still had been shocked when Cindy had grabbed her bare boobs no girl had ever done that to her before but now she was enjoying the sensation of having her nipples sucked by a girl. Cindy stood reached down undid Amy’s jeans and pulled them right down to her ankles, she saw Cindy had no panties on knelt down and started rubbing the bare slit she had in front of her, Amy looked at Cindy and when Cindy pushed three fingers up her love tube squirmed, Cindy was surprised at how moist Amy was but started pushing her fingers in and out of Amy getting deeper, she then restarted licking and sucking on Amy’s very erect nipples after a few minutes Amy moaned ” I’m cumming” Cindy felt Amy gush then after a minute or so pulled her fingers out of Amy stood up wiped her hands on scented tissues she had looked at Amy walked away saying “your mine” Amy lay where she was hardly believing what had happened and how good it had felt, she adjusted her clothes and made her way home.