The Driver

John was the owner of a small transport  firm situated on the out skirts of a large town. He was desperately trying to find somebody to help Joel the fifty five year old Nigerian driver who needed somebody with him to read a map and tell him which routes to take. John asked his sixteen year old daughter Amy to go with Joel and help him out, Amy agreed and half a hour later was sat in the cab of Joel’s truck as they drove through the twisting lanes of the country side. After finding the factory that Joel was delivering to and making the drop off  the pair had a tea break with Marcus the seventeen year old factory hand that had been there to take charge of the delivery, Marcus was the only person in the small factory and had volunteered to come in when the factory would normally have been closed, Marcus and Joel were talking about their native country of Nigeria, Amy got bored and went for a walk round the factory as she walked she saw Joel leave the canteen and go into another room leaving the door open, Amy walked on and saw the room Joel had gone into was a lavatory and she could clearly see Joel stood at the urinal his dick on full view, Amy gasped when she saw Joel’s dick she had never seen a black dick before and now she was looking at an eight inch monster and could not believe what she was seeing. After finishing his pee Joel put his dick away and as he turned he saw Amy looking at him with her mouth wide open he also saw the pokies in her tee shirt, Joel went over to Amy and said to her ” you been looking at my cock have you” Amy uttered ” what” Joel smiled and said ” Marcus has got a bigger cock than me come back to canteen and have a look” Joel got hold of Amy’s hand and took her back to the canteen where he spoke with Marcus, Marcus looked at Amy then undid his overalls and pulled his soft nine inch dick out, when she saw it Amy said ” fucking hell that is massive” Joel rand his hands over Amy’s bum and when there was no rejection reached round and ran his hands over her boobs, Marcus moved closer and put his hand between Amy’s legs saying ” you want some black cock do you” he then removed his hand and slid both hands under Amy’s tee shirt and felt her braless boobs which he started to rub, after a couple of minutes Marcus lifted Amy’s tee shirt up over her head and off then started to lick and suck her already erect nipples, Joel removed Amy’s shoes then slid her  joggers down and along with her panties removed them leaving Amy standing naked,  Marcus carried on sucking Amy’s nipples and as he did slid his hand between her legs and started to rub her love tube, after a few minutes Joel and Marcus lifted Amy up and lay her on the table with her legs hanging over the edge, Joel then knelt down and started to lick Amy’s love tube then pushed his tongue inside and started to wriggle it about, Amy was breathing heavy and moaning with pleasure she felt the tongue inside her love tube pull out looked down an saw Joel’s ten inch erection in front of her love tube and when Joel slowly slid it right in Amy cried out with pleasure, Joel started to thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube while Marcus squeezed her nipples, Amy was moaning loudly and enjoying herself and after a couple of minutes of being pounded by Joel’s massive dick climaxed, Joel carried on pounding away and soon Amy climaxed a second time and not long after Joel pulled his dick out of Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum over her stomach, Marcus moved round the panting Amy and stood between her legs, Amy saw his fat eleven inch erection and when Marcus slid it right into her love tube pushing in as far as he could go Amy cried out and climaxed at the same time, Marcus smiled and started to thrust in and out of Amy who was breathing very heavy, Amy wrapped her legs round Marcus’s back and moaned as he thrust his dick in and out of Amy who soon climaxed for a fourth time, Marcus carried on thrusting in and out of the white girl’s love tube feeling her climax a fifth time before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum up her body, Amy lay on the table exhausted while both Marcus and Joel went and cleaned up. Amy fell asleep but after a hour woke up when Marcus started to rub her boobs, Amy looked at him and smiled, Marcus told Amy that she was a good girl and should go far then pointed, Amy looked and saw a black boy who was naked with a nine inch erection, Marcus told Amy that the boy was his younger brother, Amy smiled at the boy who she thought was a couple of years younger than what she was and when the boy moved and stood in front of her Amy parted her legs the boy moved in between Amy’s legs and when he pushed his throbbing dick into Amy’s love tube she moaned with pleasure the boy started to thrust in and out of Amy who was once again moaning, Marcus moved Amy’s head to one side and slid his dick into Amy’s mouth, Amy started to suck on the black boys dick while his brother pounded away into her willing love tube and after ten minutes Amy gagged as Marcus shot his cum into her mouth, Amy swallowed the cum and at the same time climaxed again and soon after the boy was squirting his cum up Amy’s body. A few hours later an exhausted Amy was climbing out of the van back at the depot, where Joel told John that his daughter had been very good and would love to have her again as his map reader, Amy smiled and said ” yes it was a good day” adding that she would like to go again. Next day Amy was laying naked on Joel’s bed as he pounded away into her while his grandson who went to Amy’s school and was two years younger than her was pushing his eight in erection into her mouth which Amy willing sucked till the boy squirted his cum into her mouth, after pulling his dick out of Amy’s mouth the boy’s mate was pushing his dick into Amy’s mouth while his brother who was two years younger than what he was sucking on her boobs. That night in her own bed Amy thought to herself being fucked by black cock was well good and thought she should have tried it sooner.