Hello everyone this is me Raj (Tamil) again. This time with a intimate story happened years ago.. Let’s get into the story.. Me and Swetha loved each other in our school days.. But we had breakup after someday due to some problems.. Swetha was lien and having a medium shaped boobs and good hot ass.. While we are in love I squeezed her boobs and even played with her pussy but we didn’t go beyond due to fear. After some years my schoolmates arranged for a school reunion since I was free that day I too joined with them.. That was the first time I met Swetha after our breakup.. She turned out chubby and her boobs and ass are became even more hotter and she was in perfect structure. She came towards me and asked about and what am I doing and she said she was working for an IT company and I straight away asked how did you became this much hotter and so sexy?.. She didn’t expect that and asked am I look sexy?.. I replied yes, you became too much sexy and is this the boobs once I played with ?.. She said me to shut up and went for the dinner we both had our dinner together and once again I asked how did you became this much hot?.. She replied it’s all because of you?.. I was confused and asked her how?.. She replied that you are the one who teach me about the sex after we got broke up I couldn’t control myself I even think of calling but my ego stopped me and I started masturbating daily and then I asked whether she had another affair?.. She said me that yes I have but no one has satisfied me like you.. As soon as I heard that word I had a strong belief to fuck her out.. Hence I asked whether she can control her feeling?.. She asked me to go since there was no one around I grabbed her hip and give her a gentle kiss she pushed me but I grabed her again and kiss her strongly.. She pushed me again and said someone will come around you please leave me alone.. And hence I asked okie let me take you to some other place.. She hesitated for a min but I convinced her and take her out.. I took her into my car for a ride while driving I played with her hot thigh and her back neck.. I stopped my car after travelling for some distance.. I make sure that no one was around and we get into the back and I started kissing her slowly while squeezing her lovely boobs at the same time.. I undressed her chudi and loosed her pants to play with her pussy she unzipped me and started giving me a blowjob it was a bit difficult for her to sit inside the car and give me a blowjob but she did it well.. I removed her panty and make sit over my lap her ass was over my enlarged penis and I started living my penis into her little pussy and started fucking her hardly since I didn’t carry a condom I stopped in a while and make her pussy wet by my tongue and she once again gave me a blowjob this time came inside her mouth.. We dressed up again and get back into the function even though I didn’t fuck her for a long time it was one of the good sex I had.. Those who wants to talk or any comments about the story mail me at [email protected] or message me at hangouts.