Summer with Grandma and Grandpa

Emily always loved her grandparents. They were her mother’s mom and dad. They always showered Emily with gifts, even buying her a new Jeep when she started cosmetology school. What Emily didn’t know was that her grandparents, George and Marie, had a dark and steamy secret. Marie was the leader of a private lesbian sex club. George was involved in the pornography industry, and practiced orgies and incest with many of his relatives.

Emily’s grandfather owned a large condo in Seattle, a gorgeous summer cottage in the Pacific Northwest countryside, a garage full of luxury cars, and an accounting firm. Nobody knew about his wild side, or his kinky wife’s sex parties with women of all ages.

Emily was the picture of innocence. Her large, brown eyes and sandy curls made her look like her grandmother Marie. She was tall and pleasantly plump. Emily developed large breasts at a young age. Because of her inexperience with sex, Emily never understood why Grandma and Grandpa constantly invited her to the pool and hot tub. She thought Grandma’s massages with oil were simply for good health.

As Emily got older, she began to have cocktails after dinner, during summertime with her grandparents at their cottage. She stayed up later and later, and heard strange moaning and thumping coming from grandpa’s bedroom. One time she peeked through the key hole in their door. Emily was surprised to see her 58 year old grandma bouncing up and down like crazy and riding grandpa, her old breasts slapping up and down. Emily felt a little dirty about getting wet from seeing this. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber from the vegetable basket. Then she went back to her bedroom and masturbated.

The next morning at breakfast, George and Marie had huge smiles on their faces as Emily poured some orange juice. Gram had gotten up for a glass of water, and heard Emily’s orgasm while she played with herself. “I guess we all had some fun last night. No shame in that. It’s too bad you’re alone, Em. You’re such a beautiful girl.” Marie said to her granddaughter. Emily’s cheeks turned red with shock. Her grandparents were attractive for their age. George was what you could call a silver fox. He went to the gym and played tennis to keep in shape. Marie had chin length, sandy blonde curls. Long, glamorous eye lashes framed her big, dark eyes. She had some laugh lines and a slight sag here and there, but her figure was nice and she was tan. She kept her pussy shaved bare. This was a woman who appreciated a nice vagina. She was a lifelong bisexual, and every Thursday evening her sex club met in their Seattle Condo. Marie set up a special room with couches, beds, chairs, blankets, a bar, and shelves of sex toys and lubricants. A large screen on the wall displayed lesbian porn. This was her private, sexual oasis and her meeting spot. There were twelve members in Marie’s ladies club. Normally between five and eight of them would show up on Thursday nights. They ranged in age from barely legal to grandmothers. They came in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They took turns playing with each other’s pussies. They licked, sucked, toyed and fucked while being the best of friends.

Grandpa George always seemed to pick out friends who were swingers. His monthly cocktail parties generally ended up in the bedroom, with several couples bent into all sorts of erotic positions. Wives licked wives. Husbands took turns sharing them, their cocks erect for hours. George’s real secret was bigger. He had sex with all of his daughters, including Emily’s mom. His wife Marie had joined him. When their daughters were of appropriate age, their home turned into an almost ritualistic orgy site. His favorite was Emily’s mom. George still remembered her, every time he saw Emily’s face.

The next night of Emily’s summer visit, George and Marie had another couple over for dinner. Linda and Gary had been their friends for decades. The two couples shared a great sex life as a foursome, and Linda was in Marie’s ladies sex club.

Emily came to the dinner table in a low cut black sweater, and a short, pink, flowered skirt. Emily’s long legs and smooth thighs were on display. A pearl necklace rested on her huge, soft breasts. Her sandy blonde hair looked glamorous in a French braid. Deep, smoky gray eyeshadow lined her brown eyes. What nobody could see was the wetness between her bare pussy lips. Emily had been feeling intensely aroused since the night before, when she saw her grandparents fucking. She poured herself a glass of red wine. She couldn’t help but notice their friend Linda staring at Emily’s beautiful body. She never thought of herself as bisexual, but suddenly couldn’t stop wishing Linda would touch her. Linda was a dark beauty with an olive complexion and shoulder length black hair. She had a lovely smile framed with red lipstick. She was chunky in her white sundress, but warm and attractive just the same. Gary was an average middle aged man. A slight beer belly hovered over his long legs. He was balding and had a blonde moustache. His green striped shirt was tucked into blue jeans. The dinner and the conversation were both fun and lively. Marie was a great cook. Emily got tipsy on wine.

Eventually they all went to the family room couch to relax. Both couples began to nuzzle and kiss. Emily’s grandma brought her up to the kitchen alone, and asked her how she felt about everyone having some sexual fun out in the open. She poured another glass of wine and agreed to go back to the party.

When they returned, Linda was sucking George and Gary’s cocks at the same time. She was on her knees in front of the two men sitting on the couch. She had stripped down to her white thong and high heels. Her dark skin and full figure looked sexy. She turned and smiled at Marie and Emily, who began to undress. Grandma sat Emily down on the sofa next to Grandpa, and pulled off her skirt and panties while Linda kept sucking cock. Marie spread her granddaughter’s legs open and began to lick her clit. Emily moaned while grandma licked her pretty pussy and grandpa squeezed her breasts while getting his dick sucked.

They changed positions. Linda climbed onto her husband Gary’s lap and started fucking him. She was moaning loudly. Grandpa George began to fuck Emily doggy style while she ate her grandma’s pussy. George reached around and stroked his granddaughter’s clit while he banged her tight, sloppy wet pussy. You could hear the juices squirting out on his nice big cock. Emily and grandma moaned slowly, over and over again in delight. Marie’s hands were in Emily’s hair as she ate her grandma more and more aggressively while getting pounded from behind. “Oooooooh Em! Emmy! Oh you’re so good!! Don’t stop now!” cried Marie. She humped Emily’s face and buried it between her smooth pussy lips as she had an orgasm. Marie fell back on the couch as George kept fucking Emily harder and harder. It was getting rough in there. George banged Emily as hard as he could, while Gary fucked Linda like an animal. Gary slapped Linda’s ass very hard while she cried out. George pulled Emily’s hair and squeezed her tits from behind. He pulled out of his granddaughter’s cunt right before he came. He stuck his dick into his wife Marie, and ejaculated violently after a couple minutes of missionary style. He groaned like a wild boar as he filled his wife’s pussy with cream. Both couples seemed to finish at the same time.

Then Emily and their friend Linda got into a sixty nine position on the floor. Marie’s granddaughter was now being initiated into her lesbian sex club. Emily wiggled and writhed up and down with pleasure as Linda ate her out and put her fingers inside. Emily tasted Linda’s dark, slippery, soft clit in her mouth for the first time. Linda’s pussy lips were meaty, and she had a cute landing strip of black hair running upward. She smelled sweet and musky while she rubbed her cunt up and down on Emily’s face until they both exploded in orgasms.

Emily sat back on the couch in exhaustion, shock, and satisfaction as everyone chatted and sipped their wine. The next day, everything was business as usual. She couldn’t wait to meet the other women in Grandma’s sex club. Her pussy had never felt so awakened and aroused, and being fucked by Grandpa was incredible. She had a whole new appreciation for her grandparents, and her new lifestyle.


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